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Frequently asked questions

Dear passengers!

Quite often there are situations when problems arise. We hope that the information in this section will help you avoid trouble.


Question: Are the parking services payable? Where can I find out the cost of parking services?

Our response: At the Voronezh airport operates several parking options: paid – hourly, hourly and daily, free unguarded parking. Fee for parking is charged at the end of the grace time which is 15 minutes in the parking lot.

Question: Is the parking fee not included in the cost of plane tickets?

Our response: The grace time is 15 minutes in the parking lot. It's enough for embarkation or disembarkation of passengers, unloading or loading their luggage. It's enough for loading or unloading the regular bus with 40 seats, but it is not designed for meeters and greeters who want to spend some time in the airport terminal. The cost and sale of tickets is solely the responsibility of the airlines. And a cost of parking is maintenance of the airport. Parking services are on a commercial basis and are not included in the cost of tickets.

Question: Where are the payment terminals?

Our response: The payment terminals are located on the forecourt next to walking paths, as well as in the terminal building and away from the parking lot.


Question: Is it possible to leave my stuff in the airport luggage storage for eight days?

Our response: You can leave your stuff in the airport baggage room for a certain period. Information about tariffs and rules you can also be obtained by phone: +7 (473) 210-78-78


Question: Please, tell me the timetable of public transport.

Our response: The schedule of public transport from the Voronezh airport is not the responsibility of LLC management company "AVIASERVICE".


Question: Do you have an airport hotel?

Our answer: Near the airport (300m from the terminal), there is the hotel which you can use while waiting for a flight. Receptionist : +7 (473) 206-9-444


Question: How do I confirm the booking of the ticket if I book it online?

Our response: You should visit the airline selected for flight or the airport ticket office.


Question: Why there is no smoking room in the airport?

Our response: According the Federal law of the Russian Federation dated 01.06.2013, № 15-FZ "About health protection of citizens from influence of surrounding tobacco smoke and consequences of tobacco consumption" from June 1, 2013 Smoking is prohibited within 15 meters of public transport stops and subway entrances, in station buildings and airports. Smoking in the Voronezh airport is allowed only in specially equipped places located on the forecourt.


Question: We’re flying with my nephew in Turkey. Consent to leave the child (notarized) issued from two parents or from one of them is enough?

Our answer: When the passenger travels with children responsible for the availability and accuracy of the passenger’s documents are on their own. The first thing to consider is the requirements that exist in our country with the export of minor citizen abroad.

The order of removal of the child in another country is established by articles 20 and 22 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation dated 15.08.1996 №114-FZ "About the procedure for removal from the Russian Federation and entry to Russian Federation: "In case of departure from the Russian Federation underage citizen of the Russian Federation without their parents he must have, besides the passport, a notarized letter of consent for travel of a minor citizen of the Russian Federation. It is sufficient the consent of one of the parents if from the second parent has not received the request for its disagreement on departure of their children, submitted to the immigration authorities or the border authorities. If one of the parents, adoptive parents, trustees will declare the disagreement on departure from the Russian Federation underage citizen of the Russian Federation, the question on possibility of its departure from the Russian Federation is permitted in court".

The second question that you should find out before you travel abroad, this is the order of import into another country of the child, because in different countries (regions other countries) has its own set of rules. In this case, it is not excluded that when you enter another country you may require additional documents.

If the guardian is only one parent, you must provide proof that: the decision of the court; the birth certificate of the child, which includes only one parent; the death certificate of the other parent.

The consent should include information about "who", "what", "where", "when", "why", and contact parents. It is recommended to have this agreement notarized with translation into English. In the absence of necessary documents the airlines can refuse carriage. Rather strict rules exist in many countries of Europe.


Question: Is it possible to get a job at the airport?

Our response: The presence of vacancies in the LLC management company "AVIASERVICE" can be found in the office of personnel management on the phone: +7 (473) 210-77-89

Information about open vacancies is regularly updated on our website.