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Fast Track

Fast Track means that the passenger is escorted by an airport agent through a dedicated security lane.

Service fee: 1200 rubles (incl. VAT) per passenger. Children up to 2 years are offered Fast Track free of charge. Fees are payable in Russian rubles.

Consider Fast Track if:

  • you are late for a flight, but have a printed boarding pass with you;
  • you are traveling with children;
  • you want to experience the advantages of the speed of preflight inspection.

What is included in Fast Track?

  • An airport agent will meet you at the information desk (Information Point);
  • You will be escorted for the pre-flight inspection;
  • You will be escorted through a pre-flight inspection corridor to the gate and explained how to interpret the flight information on the boarding gate display.

Where can Fast Track be booked?

This service can be ordered at the information desk in the airport terminal center. The service is paid in the business hall "Platonovsky", which is located on the second floor of the terminal.

When can Fast Track be booked?

Fast Track can be booked after check-in, but no later than 40 minutes before the expected time of departure.

Is Fast Track available to children?

Yes, but only when accompanied by adults. Special assistance is available to unaccompanied children.

Is Fast Track available to all passenger classes?

Fast Track is available to passengers departing on domestic flights regardless of service class (business, economy) and airline.