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More than 80 years Voronezh Airport have been meeting and seeing off the planes. Its long history has its own ups and downs, but ever the hardest storms have been ridden thanks to the people truly wedded to the aviation and their work.

February, 9, 1933 
There was the first civil airdrome found in Voronezh. It was established just in 10 years after the first Civil aviation of Russia’s Birthday establishment. The landing field of the first civil airdrome was in a bottom-land of the Voronezh river near the Assumption Church.

July, 10, 1933
Scheduled air service between Moscow, Voronezh and Stalingrad was created. The flights were operated on K-5, R-2, and U-2 and AIR-6 aircrafts.


1930 – 1940 
Because of the poor condition of the rough airstrip, the civil air transportation was transferred to the military aerodrome that was located on modern Kholzunova street. This military aerodrome became civil after the Great Patriotic War.



1941 – 1945
Dozens of the aerodrome employees were mobilized in the lines. Lots of them were killed there. Nowadays, their names are on the grey stone obelisk, which is placed on the territory of the modern airport.

The first airport terminal was opened. The building of the terminal was started after the Great Patriotic War. Firstly, there were only wooden buildings, later, a few brick constructions were added and, in summer, the new terminal building with a service room, a control tower, a canteen and a restaurant was opened for its first passengers.


1950 – 1960 
The fleet was enlarged by An-2, Yak-12, Li-2, ll-14 aircrafts, thus, the flight geography was broadening.

January, 4, 1964 
The aviation enterprise was called the Voronezh United team.

April, 1965 
The building of the new airport, which was opened in 1971, was started in the countryside, near Chertovitskoye village.

1960 – 1970 
An active development of the airport as a transit airport for different airlines, whose flights are operated on Il-18, Tu-124, Tu-134, An-2.

April, 21, 1971
The first An-24 touched down in Voronezh Airport.


1970 – 1980
The time of an active rise in the air transportation range. The airport fleet was enlarged by Yak-42, Tu-134a, Tu-134sx, An-24, An-2, M-15 aircrafts.

The runway became 300 metres longer. The airport sent out and receipted more than 3500 passengers every day.

1980 - 1990
The staff of the airport consisted of 2000 employees. The services about 130 flights a day and 1 336 160 passengers a year.

The passenger traffic flow decreased in 4 times – till 335 000 passengers a year. The airport transferred to private sector.

December, 30, 1993
An airline company “Voronezhavia” was created; its fleet consisted of 59 aircrafts.

May, 1995
The airport became an International one. “Voronezhavia” started to operate the flights to 30 other airports in 20 countries such as Turkey, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Italy, Cyprus, the Republic of Malta, Syria, UAE, Iran, Israel, Austria, Germany, France, India, etc. there were scheduled flights to many Russian and CIS cities.

2000 -2010

There was a change of the Head of the Company. The fleet of the airport consisted of 9 aircrafts and the staff was 480 employees. The passenger traffic flow decreased to 58 000 passengers a year.

The main role in the airport played the “Polet” airline. There were scheduled flights to Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Yerevan, Munich, Qostanay, and Yekaterinburg. There were also charter flights to Antalya, Istanbul, and Larnaca. The total passenger traffic flow was 150 000 passengers a year. But there were no other airlines except the “Polet” one in the airport.

The lack of funding led to a critical situation in financial area of the airport. The enterprise was on verge of bankruptcy.

There was the beginning of the first stage of the airport reconstruction. Within the state programme “The development of Russian transport system”, a new runway with a lightning navigational system was built in the airport.


2010 – 2020

July, 8, 2011 
The permit for exploitation of the objects which had been built during the first reconstruction period was obtained.

July, 11, 2013 
The reconstruction of the bearing track 3, a lightning navigational system, and aerodrome apron with the planeside MC27, MC28, MC29 was started.

August, 2013 
The financial company “Aksioma” became the main investor of Voronezh International Airport and the operational administration was placed under the management of “Aviaservice” company, which is still manages the airport.

September, 6, 2013 
The bearing track 3, and the new planeside MC27, MC28, MC29 got the exploitative permit for a day-time period.

September, 24, 2013 
The airport got the license for a new runway. Utair airline operated the first technical flight on “Boeing – 737-800” aircraft.

January, 23, 2014
The bearing track 3, and the new planeside MC27, MC28, MC29 got the exploitative permit twenty-four-hour period.


March, 2014
The second stage of the terminal building reconstruction was started. The entrance, the airside and the communication lines were renovated and the modern TV-panels were fixed.

April, 24, 2014
The airport got the license to service the flights on “Boeing 737-800” aircraft.

April, 26, 2014 
The airport started to service the flights on “Boeing 737-800” aircraft on a scheduled basis. There were charter flights to Antalya, Tunis, Heraklion, Rhodes, Corfu, and Barcelona in summer season.

May, 23, 2014 
The airline “Air Europa” (Spain) started to operate the flights from Voronezh to Barcelona on “Boeing 737-800” aircraft.

May, 27, 2014 
A Greek airline “Ellinair” started to operate the flights from Voronezh to Thessaloniki on “AvroRJ85” aircraft.“Ellinair” airline is a Greek airline having its basis at Makedonia International Airport, Thessaloniki city. It is a member of “Mouzenidis Travel Group”. Cooperation agreement with the Greek airline was signed in November, 2013.

June, 2014 
The reconstruction of the airside for 26 planeside and the bearing tracks 1-2 was started.

November, 10, 2014 
S7 airline opened a programme of scheduled flight to Moscow on “Airbus 319” aircraft.


April, 29, 2015 
There was the first business meeting “Flying from Voronezh” that took place at the Voronezh International Airport.


May, 2015 
The main part of the terminal building with the new infrastructure, new comfortable waiting lounges, modern terminals and cafes was opened. Airport capacity reached 240 passengers per hour.


June, 1, 2015 
The biggest Russian airline “Aeroflot” opened its scheduled Flights from Voronezh to Moscow (Sheremetyevo).


August 2015 - Voronezh International Airport reached the best monthly indicator in passenger traffic, a record high since the 90s. At the end of the 1st half of 2015 the airport handled 190,584 passengers; this number was 10% more than in 2014. Traffic to international destinations within 6 months benefited 35,211 passengers. Growth for the first half of 2014 amounted 11%. On domestic routes compared to last year there was an increase of 10%. For half a year 155,373 passengers flew across the country.

September 18, 2015 - the official admission to Airbus-321 operation at Voronezh airport (Chertovitskoe) was received. The ability to accept such large modern machine opened up new prospects for the airport. The route network of flights from Voronezh significantly expanded. More airlines could make flights from Voronezh. The competition between businesses partners increased. And most importantly - passengers’ quality / price ratio choice became wider.

September 27, 2015 - in honor of the International Tourism Day at the airport for the first time was held a flash mob dance initiated by the tour operator «ANEX Tour» and the travel agency «Scarlet Sails».

October 6, 2015 - at the airport was installed a new automatic baggage handling system in the passenger reception area. The new complex of special belt conveyor and screening equipment with the use of in-line-control technology that provides performance of up to 300 bags per hour appeared at the airport.

October 7, 2015 - the first Royal Flight Airlines flight landed at the airport, thus opening the flight program from Voronezh. Boeing-737-800 delivered from Hurghada to the capital of The Central Black Soil Region 167 people. Airline Royal Flight became the 15th partner of the airport in 2015. In 2014 at the same time there were only 8 airlines at the Voronezh International Airport.

October 14, 2015 - Design and Survey experts and the Research Institute of air transport from St. Petersburg checked the strength of pavement of the runway, taxiways and parking areas. According to the results of field tests conducted by specialists of «PIiNII BT «Lenaeroproject» Voronezh International Airport received the official «Report on the strength of the runway pavement, RD-C, MS-27, MS-28, MS-29 airfield Voronezh (Chertovitskoe) according to ICAO method (ACN / PCN)».

October 19, 2015 - for the first time at Voronezh International Airport was the entire range of Airbus aircraft family. It was a historical flight schedule. Within half an hour in Voronezh landed A-319 of «S7 Airlines», than A-321 of «Nordwind Airlines» and finally A-320 of «Aeroflot» completed this kind of Airbus parade.

October 20, 2015 - developing of the runway and landing strip lengthening project.

October 29, 2015 - the first landing of long-range Boeing-767 at Voronezh airport and in general in the Voronezh region.

December 28, 2015 - Voronezh International Airport solemnly greeted the 450,000th passenger on the results of 2015. This was a record figure in the airport for the last 30 years. In 2013, the airport handled 355,000 passengers, in 2014 - 405 thousand.

December 2015 - January 2016 - Voronezh International Airport replenishes the park of airfield equipment with an aircraft towing tractor TMX-150-18 and Pallet and Container high loader Trepel CHAMP 70U.

January 16, 2016 - the first cargo flight landed at the airport. So the nearest plans of the airport became developing the direction of air cargo transportation and even get the title of The Black Soil Region cargo hub.

February 18, 2016 - Voronezh International Airport held its second annual meeting «Fly from Voronezh» where were more than 140 people - key players of the tourism market in the region.

April 2016 - the airport launched its accounts in social networks. Airport official pages exist in Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and Instagram. There users can get information about services, updates to the schedule, important events and interesting facts from the life of the airport.

Today, Voronezh International Airport is a successfully developing company of the aviation industry. Being a leader in the Central Black Soil region in terms of air transportation, it has the potential to serve 6 neighboring areas with a total population more than 35 million people within a radius of 500 km. Airport certified for all types of airport activities and serves as a reserve airport for the Moscow aviation hub. Currently, the company continues to implement the investment project «Development of the technical basis of Voronezh airport».