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Transport prosecutor's office

Dear passengers!

In accordance with the order of the General Prosecutor of Russian Federation from 16.12.2006 117 Moscow regional transport prosecutor’s office superintends over execution of legislation on the aerial, water and railway transport.

Observation of rules for passengers, execution of laws by companies, law machinery on the transport and custom authority are in competence of Transport prosecutor’s office.

Voronezh transport prosecutor’s office provides supervision of the law execution.

Your complaints, announcements and offers you can direct through Internet-office or
to Voronezh transport prosecutor’s office:
394036, Voronezh, Chernyahovskovo square, 2 (e-mail: info@voronezh.mmtproc.ru)
Tel: +7 (473) 265-39-57,
Fax: +7 (473) 252-59-85;

to Moscow regional transport prosecutor’s office:
107140, Moscow, Krasnoprudnaya st., 22 B.
Tel: +7 (495) 785-70-00