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Corporate values

The mission of the international airport Voronezh (Chertovitskoe):

Integration in the national and international transport system, increasing aircraft availability Voronezh region and Central Black Earth region.

Our slogan:

Linking cities - connecting people together!

The main objective of the international airport Voronezh (Chertovitskoe):

By 2018, enter the list of the fastest growing passenger airports in Russia.

Corporate values:

  • We provide a high level of security, service and comfort for passengers.
  • We ensure the smooth operation of airlines and guarantee high quality services.
  • We maintain strong ties with the representatives of the tourism industry and we appreciate the stability of our business partners.
  • We are convinced that the key principles of the team must be trust, openness, professionalism, team spirit and pride in their work.
  • We openly express our opinions and listen to others. We welcome original ideas and are open to everything new.

We want to ensure that our core values ​​are reflected in everything we do, including the interaction with each other, with passengers and business partners. We have a lot of work and it will take some time before these values ​ will become truly manifest in how we think, how to act and how to communicate. We would like to see the values ​​remained unchanged. They always have to be the framework that determines all our decisions.

We live in an era of change, so let's stick together!