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Baggage Room

Dear Passengers!

Baggage room is located on the ground floor at the airport.
It is open 24 hours, without any breaks.
Fees – the first 24 hours cost 400 rubles, the next ones – 200 rubles. Besides, you need to take into consideration that unfinished 24 hours count as full ones.
Check-out: 00.00
System of storage: racks

Rules and directions:

  • You can store your belongings in any package that ensures their undamaged condition without access to contents, and, also, damage, staining of other passengers’ belongings and room equipment.
  • You can’t store explosives, flammables, poisons, food of short life, sharp and cutting items, weapons, money, documents, jewellery, dirty and smelly things.
  • One piece of baggage is no more than 30 kg.
  • Glass and other fragile things are accepted only with a sticker “Caution, fragile”.
  • The things kept during 6 months without claiming them back are considered as unclaimed and managed according to rules and regulations.
  • In case of losing a receipt, you can claim your baggage on application request. You must have ID with you and prove that the things belong to you. Then you can get your belongings out of turn.


  1. Taxation is imposed according to the Legislation of the Russian Federation.
  2. The amount of fees is taken into account from the moment of drop off, unfinished 24 hours count as full ones.

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