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Dear passengers!

If you arrive at the international airport Voronezh by your car, want to leave for several days or just meet up someone, you can use parking zone at the airport and not to worry about your car. There are daily working cameras on the territory of the airport and workers of the service of aviation security are on duty. It provides the high quality of safety cars and property of passengers.

The parking is paid. There are several parking zones for passenger at the airport:

P1  - for 101 parking lots, 11 of which are specially marked and designated for disabled passengers;

P2 - for 212 parking lots by the hour and daily payment, 21 for disabled passengers;

A separate parking zone for services collaborating with the airport, and, also, taxi.

Automated vehicle crossing point is located 250 metres away from the terminal. A special equipment records the time of vehicles’ stay at the airport land side. You can learn the rules of parking complex on the desks before the entrance of the airport.

Entering via a system of barriers, a driver presses a button and takes a single – use parking card. The first 15 minutes for passengers loading and unloading are free of charge. Then you have to pay according to the tariffs. The payment is recorded at the exit. To do so you need to insert a card you took at the entrance into a machine. You will see the sum to pay. If you paid beforehand, a barrier opens automatically.

Ways of payment:

  • by cash;
  • bank card (MIR, VISA, MasterCard Word Worldwide), Pay Pass.

We strongly recommend to pay in different parkomats in order to avoid traffic jams at the exit. You can find them in the terminal, at the parking zone P2 and at the exit. They operate 24 hours


Name of Service the Unit of Measurement Fees
1. Parking zone P1 (open short-term parking):
1.1 For Light Motor Cars
   1-15 minutes rub 0,00
  1 hour rub 150,00
2. Parking zone P2 (open long-term parking):
2.1 For Light Moto Cars
  1-15 minutes rub 0,00
   1 hour rub 150,00
   1 day (more than 5 hours) rub 700,00
  Next second day rub 600,00
  Next third day and afterwards rub 300,00
2.2 For "Gazel" type cars
  1-15 minutes rub 0,00
   1 hour rub 300,00
   1 day (more than 5 hours) rub 700,00
  Next second day rub 600,00
  Next third day and afterwards rub 300,00
2.3 For buses and lorries
  1-15 minutes rub 0,00
   1 hour rub 450,00
   1 day (more than 5 hours) rub 2 100,00
  Next second day  rub 1 800,00
3. The rent of one parking lot    
  7 days rub 2 000,00
  Next second day rub 300,00
  10 days rub 2 150,00
  Next second day rub 300,00
  14 days rub 2 300,00
  Next second day rub 300,00
  1 month rub 4 500,00
  Next second day rub 300,00
4. The passage of vehicles on the first lane to the airport rub 1 000,00
5. Penalty fare for damaging or losing a card/pass, entering or leaving or staying in parking zone without a card rub 1 000,00
Note:      Parking is free of charge for disabled people.

There are different ways of payment for passengers’ convenience at International Airport Voronezh. A car owner can choose how to pay – either hourly or daily, or can buy a season card. There are tariffs for those who go on holidays for 7, 10 or 14 days, for those who travel frequently – up to 1 month. Also there’s a special agreement for those who signed contracts with travel agencies.

The Parking works 24 hours without breaks and holidays.

The service is provided by LLC “PARKING-AVIA”.
tel.:      +7-919-183-89-91,
            +7 473 210-78-37
e-mail: parkingavia@gmail.com

International Airport Voronezh wishes pleasant journeys for its passengers!