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Passengers with children

If you are going to travel with children, you should be aware of rules and conditions of transportation. The child’s age is determined on the date of commencement of carriage from the airport of departure. Reserving tickets you should warn the airline company that you are going to flight with a child. Airline companies deliver for the period of flight baby bassinets for the youngest passengers, as well as provide infant food to the board and comfortable seats. Tickets for children can be sold with discount.  As a rule, for domestic flights  an adult passenger may take with you a child under 2 years old who will not be occupying a separate seat on board the aircraft. For international flights discount for infants is up to 90%. Discount for children aged 2 to 12 is 30-50% depending on whether your flight is international or domestic.

You can leave your stroller at the ramp right before boarding, and get it on arrival. To do this you should notify an agent at a check-in counter about a stroller and register it in a special way.

Mother-and-child room

For passengers with children there is a Mother-and-child room on the ground floor of the terminal. The room is intended for passengers with children under 7 years old. It is necessary to obtain a medical certificate for a child at the medical point of the airport before visiting the room. 

For additional information you can call the Voronezh Airport Information Service by telephone: +7 (473) 210-78-78 or on airline websites.

Have a good flight!