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Passengers with reduced mobility

Voronezh International Airport offers passengers with reduced mobility a personal assistance. An individual approach will be guaranteed if airport personnel get the information about required services in advance. For this purpose you should call the Information Service not later than 4 hours before the flight by telephone +7 (473) 210-78-78.

You should specify the following details:

  • the date and the number of the flight;
  • the name of airline company;
  • the nature of your limitations (invalidity);
  • availability of invalid carriage, its sizes, whether it is folded on not, availability of an accumulator;
  • availability of crutches or a guide dog;
  • contact information;
  • required services;
  • a seriously ill passenger;
  • an ill passenger on a stretcher;
  • a deaf unaccompanied passenger;
  • a blind passenger with a guide dog;
  • unaccompanied blind and/or deaf passenger, which will be transported under the supervision of the carrier;
  • a passenger, whose ability to move is limited and/or whose condition demands special attention when being serviced.

More detailed information about booking and services for passengers with reduced mobility you can obtain at ticket offices and on airlines websites.

For passengers departing from Voronezh Airport

There is a separate car parking area for passengers with reduced mobility on the forecourt. The entrance to the terminal building is equipped with ramps for easy movement for wheelchairs. There are specially equipped private bathrooms on the ground floor of the terminal. If it is necessary, we provide wheelchairs. Assistance and support are also provided:

  • upon moving on the airport territory (including parking area);
  • upon check-in;
  • upon pre-flight procedures, customs and border controls;
  • while boarding or leaving the aircraft;
  • while collecting baggage.

Check-in and pre-flight inspection

For the convenience of passengers with reduced mobility or needed medical assistance, Voronezh airport provide the possibility of passing pre-flight inspection formalities at the medical point. Then passengers are delivered to the aircraft by special buses.


Wheelchairs transportation

A wheelchair and a stretcher are being carried in baggage compartment free of charge in addition to the free checked baggage allowance. For safety reasons it is necessary to switch off wheelchair control unit. If a wheelchair is battery powered, the battery must be disconnected and packed in accordance with requirements to applicable to the transport of dangerous good (dry battery, liquid battery, rechargeable lithium battery): leak-proof packaging, short circuit prevention, absorbent filler.

For passengers arriving to Voronezh Airport

Before flying to Voronezh a passenger should inform the airline representative at a check-in desk about special services and assistance that are needed at the arrival airport. If you register for the flight using online check-in you should report to check-in counter and ask to make remarks about the services you will need at Voronezh International Airport.