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Foreign passengerís check-in

Dear passengers!

Since January 2007 the Federal law "On migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the Russian Federation" and the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation "On approval of Rules of migration registration of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship in the Russian Federation" the foreign citizen’s and persons check-in is abolished by place of residence and introduced migration registration of foreign citizens at the place of stay in the Russian Federation.

  • A foreign citizen or a stateless person (foreign citizen) upon arrival must obtain and complete a migration card. Map provides information about the foreign citizen and serves to control for his temporary stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, and when he leaves the Russian Federation it should be returned at passport control.
  • Migration card can be obtained, normally in advance on board of the aircraft. They can also be found in the arrivals hall at the special desks prior to the passport control line. We recommend you to fill them out in advance on Board the aircraft, to avoid long lines at passport control.
  • At passport control at the airport foreign passengers must present their passport and a completed migration card together with other identity and travel documents. Taking away the passport and migration card is not allowed.

The procedure of filling  migration cards

Migration card is a sheet with columns and rows, consisting of two parts: one part – "A" — to be filled in on arrival, and the second "B" — upon departure from the country. All information contributed personally by the owners of the documents, legibly, without corrections and erasures using to fill a ballpoint (ink) pen.

Ink color must be black or blue. If citizens have difficulty with filling count in Russian, the law allows the insertion of data in the Latin alphabet, in strict accordance writing information according to passport data.

The filling of the migration cards entering applies to all citizens, regardless of age. Officials confirm the fact of entry or exit in the column marked "for official use", which indicates the passage of foreign nationals in border control. A similar procedure is carried out in respect of transit passengers: they get a mark about passage of immigration control.

Completed part "A" (entry) of the migration card is withdrawn by a border police officer immediately after the arrival of the citizen in the Russian Federation. Part "B" (away) the remains arrived in the country citizen for the entire period of their stay in the territory of the Russian Federation, will be collected by a representative of the border control when leaving the country.

The procedure of issuing migration cards

Issuing migration cards to foreign citizens is carried out, performing the movement:

  • river, sea or air modes of transport — responsible persons from among the crew (team) of the vessel;
  • by train — the representatives of the train crew;
  • by bus — vehicle drivers;
  • by own car — the authorities at the border posts.

Citizens of other counters can get the form to fill in directly at the airport, train station or port on arrival, before passport control.

In case of loss or damage migration card procedure of issuance of duplicate. For this, the foreign citizen submits an application to the territorial body of the FMS of Russia, and it must be done for 3 days from the date of loss of the document. Officers are checking the passport data of the applicant, and issue a new migration card with a mark "duplicate".

If a foreign citizen arrived at the border of the Russian Federation to leave the country, and is not in the hands of a migration card, he is requested to complete the form "B". Officer produces the appropriate record in the space for official information.

Further procedures for the migration registration

All further procedures of the migration registration are carried out by the host party, the foreign citizen is not required to apply to any organization and spend his time.

The host party can be both Russian citizens and permanently residing in the Russian Federation of foreign citizens or stateless persons (with residence permit), as well as legal entities, their branches or representative offices, in which a foreign citizen actually resides or works.

Upon arrival to the hotel the host party is the hotel administration has to notify the territorial body of the Federal migration service about the arrival of a foreign citizen within one day, and also performs all the necessary actions related to the registration of foreign citizens and bears responsibility for observance of the established rules of stay.

All actions necessary for the registration, performs the administration.

The receiving party passes a foreign citizen the tear-off portion of the notice. The presence of the tear-off portion of the notice with a receipt mark on it confirms his / her migration registration.

Pay attention:

  • The period of temporary stay of a foreign citizen in the Russian Federation is determined by the validity period of issued visa.
  • The period of temporary stay in the Russian Federation a foreign citizen arriving to the Russian Federation in the order not requiring a visa cannot exceed ninety days except the cases envisaged by the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • The foreign national has to leave the Russian Federation upon the expiry of the permitted term of stay. For extending the visa's period of validity or period of stay must apply to the migration authorities in advance, before the above period expires.

Upon the departure of the foreign citizen passes the tear-off portion of the notice to the receiving party to represent it directly or by mail to the territorial body of the Federal migration service. Such actions by the host party have to be made within two working days after departure of the foreign citizen.

Violation of rules of migration registration may entail administrative responsibility of a foreign citizen in the form of a fine in the amount from 2000 to 5000 rubles, and in some cases, with expulsion from the Russian Federation. The foreign national subjected to the administrative expulsion may be denied an entry into the Russian Federation for the period up to five years.

Note. The availability of photocopies of your passport, migration card and detachable part of the Notification of their loss or any other unforeseen circumstances will help to prove the existence of documents and compliance with the rules of migration registration.

Phones of the Migratory service of Russia across the Voronezh region:
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+7 (473) 221-16-89

Website: www.fmsvrn.ru