Voronezh International Airport
+7 473 210-78-78
13 august, 08:16 +15°C
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Securing of technical planting and planting to the dispersal field

International airport Voronezh is able to provide the service for Russian and foreign aircrafts during the technical planting and planting to the dispersal field for regular and charter flights. Airport possesses profitable geographical position, technical abilities of airdrome complex and modern special technics.

International airport Voronezh is modern usable complex served aircrafts, cargos and passengers. Technical characteristics of airdrome allow to serve aircrafts classed D in classification of ICAO up to Boeing-757/767 and Airbus A321.

Reconstructed runway and platform of airport complex allow to receive modern types of aircrafts. A platform part of airdrome complex is 5,5 hectares and has 20 places for stand.

On the platform of international airport Voronezh can be served:

  • 7 aircrafts code D classification ICAO
  • up to 13 aircrafts code C classification ICAO
  • up to 20 aircrafts code B classification ICAO.

Airdrome’s category by fire-prevention equipping is 7.
Lights of approaching and lights of runway is JVI-1.
Radio navigation aids and aids of planting are ML 302° SP 90H, ML 122° OSP.