Voronezh International Airport
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Dear partners!

Catering is not just a food, but complex product that confirm to main principles of modern gastronomy and healthy food. Catering service of International Airport Voronezh is model of quality and professionalism, great experience  and modern technology.

Benefits of catering service:

  • Development of individual range on the assumption of airlines’ preferences;
  • Production and completing of board meals an aircraft;
  • Storing scullery equipment;
  • Sanitization of scullery equipment.

Partners of Catering Service: S7, Aeroflot, OrenAir, RedWings, RusLine, Saratov Airlines, NordWind, UTair, Jamal airlines.

Catering service is ready to offer:

  • Wide range of dishes to service on the aircraft for passengers premium, business and economy classes;
  • Service for regular, charter and VIP-flights;
  • Service for government heads of Federal Subject of Russian Federation and official meeting flights.

 All international standards are observed and wishes of air carriers are considered in preparation of the menu.

Catering service: +7 (473) 210-78-42
Dispatcher of catering service: +7 (910) 240-48-25 (daylong)
e-mail  aviaport777@mail.ru

Have a good flight and enjoy your meal!