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Emergency and rescue flight support

The functions carried out by the service search and rescue flight support (SSaRFS)

  • Organization and conducting of search and rescue works in the territory and in the area of responsibility (conducting of ground search and emergency and rescue flight support  at aviation accidents), fire-prevention support of flights at the airport of Voronezh.
  • Fire safety, timely detection and fire suppression on aircrafts during their maintenance, as well as on airports’ infrastructure.
  • Fire-protection when carrying out on-site large-scale airport fire-dangerous  works (electrical-gas-welding and hot works in the construction, repair and reconstruction of airport facilities, disposal of decommissioned aircrafts, etc.).
  • Organization and training of fire and rescue crews SSaRFS (conduction of theoretical and practical training of personnel for research and actions in case of   accidents, perform rescue operations and extinguish fires on ground facilities of civil aviation), teaching emergency crews SSaRFS of rules and methods of search and rescue operations.
  • Preparation of necessary documentation of the fire safety of aircraft and airport facilities (development and approval of the Operational plan of fire extinguishing, draft of orders, instructions and other organizational-administrative documents on fire safety in the Company).
  • Joint action on fire-fighting and rescue operations with departments of the State fire-fighting service of EMERCOM of Russia in Voronezh region and rescue units of other agencies.
  • Inspections and targeted inspections of the fire-fighting condition of facilities of LLC management company "AVIASERVICE", to develop and propose to the heads of structural units of measures for the organization and improvement of fire protection of buildings, constructions and production processes.
  • Control over the timely implementation of fire prevention measures proposed by the State fire-fighting supervision and the stuffer of the division of fire-prevention of SSaRFS, supervision of compliance with the company fire-fighting regime, condition of primary fire extinguishing means and systems of automatic fire protection.
  • Training employees of the Company in fire safety measures, actions in case of fire and carrying out primary and repeated and targeted training.
  • Check indoor and outdoor fire-fighting water supply in buildings and on the territory of LLC management company "AVIASERVICE".
  • Routine testing of airfield fire-fighting equipment, fire-technical equipment and fire hoses.

Forces and means of SSaRFS

Emergency crew (EC) of the Voronezh airport consists of four changeable rescue teams, whose main task is the rescue of passengers and crew members, valuable equipment and cargo, aviation engineering at aviation accidents, carrying out of rescue works in emergency situations on the objects of the Company.

Forces and means SSaRFS emergency rescue command (EC) at the airport "Voronezh" consists of four changeable rescue teams, whose main task is the rescue of passengers and crew members, valuable equipment and cargo, and aviation engineering at aviation accidents, carrying out of rescue works in emergency situations on the objects of the Company.

Changeable emergency and rescue teams are composed of regular and non- regular crews of the structural units of LLC management company "AVIASERVICE" and other organizations, providing production activity of the airport "Voronezh". Regular crews of changeable EC consist of the head of the fire-fighting and changeable fire and rescue crews (FRC), a total of 48 personnel (12 persons per shift) with the objectives:

  • rescue of passengers and crew in aviation accidents and extinguishing the fires;
  • fire safety during the evacuation of the aircraft;
  • carrying out of ground search distressed aircraft, and emergency and rescue works;
  • fire prevention, rescue people and put out fires on the ground facilities of the airport;
  • carrying out of rescue works in case of other types of emergencies on Company property.

Fire fighting equipment, emergency rescue equipment and personnel of fire and rescue crews (FRC) stand at the emergency station.

Departmental fire-fighting service (SSaRFS) is armed with following fire and emergency equipment:

Number Cars’ type Location

The number of liters



Water Foaming agent  
1. -60 (7313) Search and rescue service (SRS) 12000 900  
2. -8,0 (30-60) SRS 7500 500  
3. -8,0 (30-60) SRS 7500 500  
4. -40 SRS 7500 500 Backup
5. UAZ-3909 SRS     For the head of the emergency and rescue works
6. ZIL-131 Special vehicles service (SVS)    
7. UAZ-4609 Medical station     For medical service
8. Wheeled tractor KrAZ-based SVS     To evacuate the aircraft descended from the runway on the ground
9. Wheeled towing vehicle based on the ZIL-131 truck SVS     Backup

The composition of the exchangeable non-regular crews of the  ERC  includes:

The crew of the medical service to perform the following tasks:

  • providing first medical aid directly on a place the AP in a secure area (100 m from the aviation accident on the leeward side);
  • sorting victims according to the extent of their injuries;
  • preparation and submission of affected to send them to medical institutions with arrived ambulances;
  • the establishment of the fact of death of passengers and crew members.

The crew of aerodrome service to perform the following tasks:

  • laying paths to the destination aviation accident;
  • assistance to the FRC during the evacuation of people from the Board of aircraft and fire extinguishing;
  • evacuation of the aircraft from the place of an accident;
  • making operational an airfield .

The crew of engineering-aviation service to perform the following tasks:

  • ensuring opening of main and emergency exits of the fuselage of the aircraft;
  • opening, if necessary jointly with  fire-fighters covering of the aircraft;
  • assisting passengers and crew when they were evacuated, carrying victims on stretchers to the location of the medical crew;
  • ventilation of the aircraft;
  • evacuation of the aircraft from the place of an accident.

The crew of organization of transportation service to perform the following tasks:

  • receipt, handling and transportation of passengers with seats up;
  • unloading cargo and baggage from aircraft and their transportation, helping to carry patients on stretchers in a safe location medical crew.

Additional airport crews:

The crew of the aviation security service to perform the following tasks:

  • cordon and the designation of the place of an accident;
  • providing access control to the site of an aircraft accident;
  • organization of permits and escorts to the scene of emergency rescue forces and means of interacting organizations;
  • security of personal belongings, baggage, mail and cargo taken from the aircraft;
  • preventing panic.

The crew of LLC fuel-filling complex "Planet" rides on the tanker for the purpose of draining fuel from the aircraft. 

The crew of the Voronezh linear Police Division on Air Transport rides on the airfield and beyond to support column and to provide cordon and access control to the aircraft accidents’ site.

The Voronezh Departments’ of internal Affairs center provides:

  • timely notification of services by the "horn" on emergency situation with aircraft on the ground and in the air;
  • the termination (limitation) of flights;
  • air traffic services, including search in the area of airport operations;
  • providing accurate information to the head of the of the emergency and rescue works, to the inspection of flights safety, to the navigation service about distress or on distressed aircraft (exact or approximate place of the accident). 

The customs post at the airport in Voronezh is engaged to carry out customs control of goods moved across the customs border of the Russian Federation by physical persons (passengers and crew) in case of emergency on an international flight at the airport, in accordance with the regulations. 

A division of checkpoint Voronezh airport- the Federal security service of Russia on the Belgorod and Voronezh regions engaged to carry out the border control of passengers and crew in accordance with applicable regulations.

The system of warning and communication when emergency situations

The system of warning and communication when emergency situations at the airport of Voronezh includes a set of devices, comprising: devices for voice transmission in straight loud-speaking communication, emergency warning system "horn", telephone and radio communications. 

"ALARM"  is used to collect emergency crews when an accident occurred suddenly, or in the case where the expected landing of distressed aircraft at the airport of Voronezh less than 30 minutes.

The notification for this signal is made for the need to take immediate action to conduct search and rescue operations in the following cases:

  • when receiving a message (signal) about the disaster or emergency information from the crew of the aircraft;
  • the visual observation of the accident during takeoff or landing;
  • the loss of radio communications with aircraft in the terminal area and the failure of its label on the radar screen.

"READINESS" - when  there is 30 minutes or more  before the expected landing  of the distressed aircraft  at the airport of Voronezh;

"LIGHT OUT" - when the emergency and rescue works are  completed or no longer needed.

When the emergency information from a distressed board is entering the body of air traffic services, the notification of emergency and rescue crews is made by the flights’ Director and  dispatchers of the Departments’ of Internal Affairs center with the system  "HORN" for a time not exceeding 25 seconds.

Radio communication between the emergency crews during the execution of search and rescue operations is on a separate emergency communication channel.


Licensing and regulating documents in the field of Emergency and rescue flight support.

LLC management company "AVIASERVICE" is certified by the Office of the aerospace search and rescue Federal Agency of Air transport of Ministry of transport of Russia on the following activities:


  • search and rescue support of flights;
  • emergency and rescue support of flights;
  • fire-prevention support of flights (the sixth category of the runway on the level of required fire protection) and infrastructure of the airport.

A certificate of compliance from 15.05.2015, No. FAAT  A.10.00542 validity of 15.05.2017

Service of search and rescue support of flights of LLC management company "AVIASERVICE" has the status of a professional emergency rescue service and certificated in Central certification Commission for certification of search and rescue and accident rescue services (formations), rescue workers and citizens who acquire the status of a lifeguard operating in air transport (Rosaviation CAC):

  • search and rescue operations;
  • rescue work associated with fighting fires (providing the sixth category of the runway on the level of required fire protection).

The certificate to conduct emergency rescue and other urgent works in emergency situations from 15.05.2015, No. 00424 series 15 up to 15.05.2018.

Search and rescue flight support at the airport of Voronezh organized in accordance with the settlement Plan emergencies (Emergency plan was put into effect with 17.03.2015)

Contact information:

Service search and rescue support of flights  
The chief of service
Sviridov Alexander Pavlovich
+7 (473) 210-78-12
The Deputy chief of the search and rescue service — head of departmental fire protection
Shpilev Pavel Petrovich
+7 (473) 210-78-12
The head of emergency rescue operations +7 (473) 210-77-78