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Slot coordination

Seasonal scheduled slots coordination of the aircrafts’ movement  carried out through the Voronezh airport (Chertovitskoye) is realized in accordance with the demand of airline: standard SCR the message need to be directed by e-mail: rasp@voz.aero or on AFTN: UUOOAPBF, UUOOAPOO according to the Order 310, dated 12 Dec. 2011. “On approval of Procedure of formation, approval and publication of timetables of scheduled air transportation and (or) the cargoes, performed by carriers licensed”. Coordination of slots between Airport Schedule Group and carrier is realized Monday through Friday from 08:00 till 17:00 Moscow time on the specified communication channels.

Airport Schedule Group of LLC MC “AVIASERVICE” phone:
+7 (473) 210-78-53, 
+7 (473) 210-78-52

Requests for implementation, change or cancellation of the flights which are carried out according to fixed-term plans need to be sent to PDS  LLC MC “AVIASERVICE” round the clock on AFTN: UUOOAPBF and by e-mail: pdo@voz.aero .

+7 (473) 210-78-52

Formation, the statement and publication of the schedule provides the planning and operational periods.

In planning period procedures of forming, statement and publication of the schedule are performed. Planning period for the forthcoming winter season of the schedule begins on April 1 and comes to an end on September 30. Planning period for the forthcoming summer season of the schedule begins on September 1 and comes to an end on February 28. Airlines at a planned stage till April 15 (a winter season) and till September 15 (summer season) confirm consent to use of historical slots by application in the order established by the Procedure of the Government of the Russian Federation "On ensuring access to services of natural monopolies in airports"  of July 22, 2009 No. 599. The slots which aren't confirmed with Airline in time are considered as the free. Since April 21 (Requests for free slots can go to the forthcoming winter season) and since September 21 (for the forthcoming summer season). Coordination and confirmation of Requests for free slots is performed from May 6 to September 30 (for the forthcoming winter season) and from October 6 to February 28 (for the forthcoming summer season).

In the operational period change (adjustment) of the schedule is performing. The operational period begins since October 1 (a winter season) or on March 1 (summer season) and proceeds before the end of the corresponding season of the schedule.

For high-quality accomplishment of the liabilities to passengers and the partners is necessary:

  • to represent requests about accomplishment, change and cancellation of flights to the senior operator at least in 3 days prior to the planned date of flight (except festive and the days off) on the specified communication channels;
  • in case of the request of slots to consider – arrival and departure of flights with an interval of 15 min. prior to the beginning of and after the end of during the limit of landing or taking-off of an aircraft;
  • in case of the request of slots for international flights to consider that the Voronezh airport (Chertovitskoye) doesn't accept at the same time aircrafts performing international flights therefore to plan arrival of international flights in 30 min. after release of the previous international flight with the parking at least 3h.

The request that is signed by the authorized person and supposed contains (Appendix 2):

- aircraft's type and its maximum take-off weight;
- traffic schedule;
- number of passengers;
- quantity and mode of the transported freight;
- need of additional types of servicing, special vehicles;
- name of airline;
- required slot and frequency;
- need of providing with catering, fuelling;
- payment method;
- availability of maintenance personnel onboard.

The list of the documents attached to the request and necessary for the formation of the agreement:

- The certificate on the state registration of "Carrier" as the legal entity or the individual entrepreneur;
- The air operator certificate, operational specifications – Part A "General provisions", Part B;
- License for transportation by air transport of passengers;
- License for transportation by air transport of freights;
- The statement from USRLE, date of issue at the latest than 1 month before date of application;
- The document confirming powers of the person who signed the demand, and also confirmation of powers for signing of the contract.

* Documents are provided certified by the authorized signature and the organizations under seal.
* The Airport has the right to request other documents which aren't stated above.
* Direct Documents on the address  mail@voz.aero.