Voronezh International Airport
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Technical characteristics of the Airport

International Airport Voronezh (Chertovitskoe)


Legal address: Russia, Voronezh Region, Ramon district, airport Voronezh.

Airport’s code

ICAO code


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Internal code


State of working: daylong

Local time: UTC +3

Airport class: 2

Technical characteristics of the aerodrome:

The Aerodrome «Voronezh» (Chertovitskoe) is civil aerodrome, combined basing with Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia. It is located in 13 kilos from north of Voronezh city. Voronezh Airport has status of international.

Voronezh aerodrome has only one landing strip with artificial surface and new runway lighting that was reconstructed in 2009. The lengthening of runway for 300 meters planned to 2017.

- :

The coordination of the aerodrome reference point N 51°48’54’’, E 039°13’46.9’’
Runway 12/30, class
Runway dimensions  2300x45
ICAO class 4 D
PCN 42/R/B/X/T mixed
Magnetic landing course      122°- 302°
Runway surface                    asphalt
Runway lighting                  JVI-1
The rate of fire protection system                7
The height of the runway above sea level 157,0 m.
Taxiways TW-1, TW-2, TW-C - worked, TW-4 is closed

 The Aerodrome allowed receiving following types of aircrafts:

An-2, 12, 24, 26, 28, 148;
TU-134, 154, 204, 214;
YAK-40, 42;
RRJ-95B (Sukhoi Superjet 100);
Embraer EMB-120, Embraer ERJ-145, Embraer ERJ-190/195;
Saab-2000, 340B;
ATR-42, 72;
BAE-125-700/800, BAE-146-300, BAE/AVRO RJ-85;
B 737-300/400/500/600/700/800/900/900ER, B 737-MAX8,  757-200, 767-200, 767-200ER, 767-300, 767-300ER;
A 319-100, A 320-100/200, A 321-100/200;
L-410 UVP-E20;
All types of helicopters.

The Aerodrome has three connective taxi tracts which connect runway with platform.
Today the reconstruction continues: arrangement of lightning masts, electric columns, cabling of power supply. 
After the reconstruction 20 places for standing are exploit.