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Cargo owners

Airport specializes in both domestic and international commercial air services. Relationships with partner carriers allow to send cargo anywhere in the world on the most favorable terms. We will find the best route which will save costs and will allow goods to be delivered in the shortest possible time.

Voronezh International Airport can handle next types of goods:
• Standard cargo (mail, documents, equipment, personal belongings, etc.);
• Food, herbs;
• Live animals;
• Human remains (cargo 200).

Our team will provide you with expert advice and assistance in the preparation of documents for sending non-standard cargo.

Air freight packaging Guidelines:
1. Goods carried by air must have proper packing corresponding to the current standards and specifications. Goods which standards and specifications on containers and packaging are not established should be packed in serviceable containers, ensuring their reliable mooring and safety during the transportation. The rest of the goods, equipment, etc. in agreement with the carrier may be carried unpackaged.
2. Packaging of dangerous goods for air transport, must comply with the requirements established by the standards and the "Rules for the carriage of dangerous goods by air". Packing of dangerous goods together with any other goods is prohibited.
3. The package of goods should be dry and clean, loads must not have sharp corners or anything that could contaminate or damage the aircraft, equipment, baggage or mail.
4. Metal, glass, ceramic, wood, plastic and other containers, which are filled with liquid cargo to be transported by air must withstand internal excess pressure, depending on the flight altitude and temperature, and fully guarantee the leak, spill or scattering of the contents.
5. Agricultural products may be accepted for carriage in non-standard packaging, ensuring the safety of cargo during transportation.
6. Goods with soft package should be tied strong ropes, packing sewn same thread without knots. At the ends of the thread should be the standard seal of the sender with clear impressions of alphanumeric images.
7. Packages or containers which are handed over for carriage with declared value must be sealed. Seals should be standard to have clear prints alphanumeric images. In the consignment note the cargo sealing and the name of the consignor's seals are indicated.
8. Perishable fruits and vegetables and other goods can be transported by air in the package adopted for the carriage by other modes of transport, subject to the above requirements for the reliability of packaging and conditions of aircraft operation.
9. Loads which packages do not meet the above requirements, are not allowed to be transported by air.

In order to ensure the safety of aircraft, as well as eliminate the possibility of damage or contamination of aircraft space or cargo, mail, baggage IS FORBIDDEN to accept goods to transportation without packaging or in the package unsuitable for carriage by air, the following types of goods:
1. abrasive and emery wheels;
2. household and electrical machinery and equipment, refrigerators, gas stoves, televisions, radios, motorcycles, bicycles and radio;
3. products and items made of ferrous and non-ferrous metals: electric motors, pumps, pipe (tube), rods, wires, metal sheets, metal strip in bands, parts of machines and other similar goods;
4. products of synthetic resins, plastics, etc. .;
5. bulk goods packed in paper packaging (kraft sacks): press powder, polyethylene, chemical and mineral fertilizers, dyes, white, graphite, soda, glue, cement, etc .;
6. cumbersome, lengthy space, sheet metal, heavy loads, that are not equipped with appropriate devices for safe mooring in the areas of aircraft or that exceed static load on the floor area of the said premises without the appropriate racks or trays facilitating uniform distribution of load within acceptable limits, and loads, having the form (configuration), that do not provide reliable accommodation and mooring cargo;
7. other goods, packaging, mooring or configuration do not guarantee the safety of air transportation.