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Touroperators our partners

Touroperator «Pegas Touristic» cooperates with more than 40 airlines and touroperators. It has exclusive conditions for booking in the most relevant hotels in the world. The company has wide geographical coverage: more than 650 offices in 222 cities of the world, and it also has representatives in the republic of Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine. Charter and regular flights of the company are made from 50 cities of Russia, realizing passenger transportation to 22 countries. The separate base of the company has more than 2 000 types of booking. There were opened corporate structures in Thailand, Turkey, Israel and China. The company has it's own transfer base. Professional transfer and excursion guides work in the company.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 016576
e-mail: pegast@pegast.ru, region@pegast.ru
website: www.pegast.ru


MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL — is the leading touroperator in Greece, official representative of greece company MOUZENIDIS TRAVEL, founded in 1995, and a management company in big greece holding «MOUZENIDIS GROUP». The headquaters of the company is in Greece, in Saloniki. There are 77 regional representatives of the company in Russia and CIS countries. There are operator's offices in Serbia, Romania, the Republic of Moldova, Latvia.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 018240
e-mail: tour@mzt.ru  - Moscow, voronezh@mzt.ru – Voronezh

Touroperator «R-Express» has the headquaters in Moscow, offices in Ekaterinburg and Saint-Petersburg, 5 representatives and 50 offices in russian regions. The staff of the company is more than 150 people, agent base is more than 60 000 sale offices. The product line of the company grows every year, today the company has about 100 directions for clients. It cooperates with the largest world airlines.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 000822
e-mail: info@r-express.ru
website:  www.r-express.ru


Coral Travel offers the best resorts and hotels in 30 countries — Spain, Greece, Thailand, Tunisia, Bulgaria, Marocco, Israel, UAI, China, Cube, India, Mauritius, Tanzania, The Dominican republic, Indonesia, Maldives, Vietnam, Seychelles, Shri-Lanka, Singapore, Mexica, Cambodia, Jordan, Andorra, Austria, the Russian Federation, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus and Georgia. It is usually opened new directions. Touroperator organizes group and individual tours FIT on the base of it's own charter programs and regular flights. The programs of air transportation realize on the charter and regular base from all the airports of Moscow and from more than 37 russian cities.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 016582
e-mail: info@coral.ru
website: www.coral.ru

TUI Russia is one of the leading company of russia. It is a part of the biggest international touristic holding TUI Group with more than 40 years experience of work.

TUI Group is a group of companies having leading positions on the world touristic market. It was founded in 2014 as a result of two largest european touristic companies mix: german TUI AG and british TUI Travel PLC. The headquaters of the company is in German. TUI Group services more than 30 millions of clients in a year, suggests resorts in more than 180 countries. The staff of the company is 76 000 people in 130 countries.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 008029
e-mail:  online@tui.ru
website: www.tui.ruwww.tuigroup.com

Touroperator ANEX Tour is famous all over the world for 20 years. Companies in more than 10 countries in the world and touroperators in Russian Federation, Ukraine, German and the Republic of Kazahstan work under this brand. Dynamic development, stability and safety are the mainest aspects of company's work. Offices or the touroperator service clients on the territory of resorts in Andorra, Vietnam, Greece, the Dominican Republic, Spain, Cyprus, China, UAE, Thailand and Turkey.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 018486
e-mail: reception@anextour.com
website:  www.anextour.com


Touroperator «Tez Tour» is specialized on the mass resort, develops corporate, VIP and child tourism. The company cooperates with largest airlines, such as «Thai Airways», «I Fly», «Aeroflot», «Emirates», «Air Europe» and others. Today touroperator covers the directions in more than 27 countries, it has about 70 offices and wide agent net. Company's official representatives are opened in 10 countries of CIS and Baltic countries. There are at about 20 international structures with their own offices in the holding LLC «Company Tez Tour».

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 001661
e-mail: info@tez-company.com
website: www.tez-company.ru

Touroperator «Biblio Globus» is working on the touristic market for 22 years and offers tours, hotels and tickets to 52 directions from 10 russian regions. There are beach resorts, excursion skiing resorts, shopping tours and tours with cruise in the company's assortment. Geography of directions — outside and inside tourism to South-Eastern Asia, South and North America, Europe and Africa.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 011710
e-mail: i.sanjapova@bgoperator.com 
website: www.bgoperator.ru

«PAC GROUP» - touroperator in Europe since 1990. The company began it's work from italian directon, for 24 years company wides it's sphere. Today «PAC GROUP» offers directions to more than 20 european countries, hundreds of routes and thousands of hotels. Staff of «PAC GROUP» more than 500 proffesionals.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 000499
e-mail: info@pac.ru
website: www.pac.ru


Touroperator «Amigo Tours» is working on russian touristic market since 1995. It's priority directions are the Czech Republic, the Low Countries, the Republic of Croatia, Hungary, German, Italy and France. «Amigo Tours» specializes on the consolidation of tours and charter flights. The headquaters of the company is in Moscow, representative agencies are in 4 russian cities, Prague and Karlovy Vary. Flights are made from Moscow and 10 russian regions. The flight base is presented by own charter flights and seats on the regular flights.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 014858
website: www.amigo-tours.ru


Group «DVM-TOUR» was founded in 1996. Now it is the leading touroperator in direction «Czech» and other european counries. «DVM» is a member of IATA, RCT, and official agent of Deutsche Bahn. «DVM» realizes touroperator activity in directions: the Czech republic, Hungary, France, the Slovak republic, the Republic of Slovenia, German, Austria, Switzerland, the Nitherlands, Serbia, Italy, Malta, Belgium, Romania, Poland and Israel.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 017394
e-mail:  tour@dvm-tour.ru
website: www.dvm-tour.ru


«Space Travel» - reliable companion in travels all over the world. The company is for 25 years in tourism. Such a great record is a sign of stability and reliability. The company has a good reputation and stable financial situation, and now it has one more dignity — it's own reception in the Emirates. The strategy of company is organization of new touristic routes for russian tourists. Today «Space Travel» works with more than 15 000 agencies in different cities of Russia and CIS.

Number in federal list of touropeators PTO 010210
e-mail:    sales@spacet.ru
website: www.space-travel.ru


«ART-TOUR» Company is one of the leader of tour industry in Russia in premium segment, a member of Russian Union of tour industry. It has all financial garantees for touroperator activity. Touroperator «ART-TOUR» is signed by the diplomas of the State Duma of Russia, the Government of Moscow, the Department of tourism in Dubai, the Ministry of tourism in Mauritius. It has rewards of the biggest airlines and hotel lines of the world. The company has 5 000 touragency partners, offers more than 100 tour directions. It's staff is 130 workers in 4 offices in Moscow and Dubai.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 003093
e-mail:   info@arttour.ru
website: www.arttour.ru  


LLC «NTK Intourist» offers beach, excursion resorts and winter skiing tours. The main directions — Russia, the Republic of Abkhazia, Greece, Cyprus, UAE, Thailand, Italy, Austria, Vietnam, India, the Baltic countries, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the Republic of Croatia and others. LLC «NTK Intourist» pays much attention to the inside tourism. Tours in Russia have popularity among russian and foreign tourists. Today «Intourist» is largest and reliable company in Russia with it's experience and knowledges in tourism.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 005332
e-mail:  turfirma@spb.ntk-intourist.ru  
website: www.ntk-intourist.ru


Individual travels are the spesialization on company. The comand of «ClickVoyage» has more than 10 years of experience working in tourism, that allows touroperator the ability to form interesting travels for clients and to create unattended ideas for resort. The company has offices in Barcelona, Costa Dorada, Majorca, Tenerife, Andorra and Prague. It allows to fill individual travels with unique emotions and to reserve high quality of service!

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 007439
e-mail: booking@clickvoyage.ru
website: www.clickvoyage.ru


«Ambotis Holidays» - a touroperator working on the russian market since 1996. Ambotis is a member of Russian Union of tour industry, has a central office in Moscow, and offices in saint-Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Kazan and Samara. The company offers tours to Greece, India, Shri-Lanka, UAE, Maldives, Thailand, Cambodia, Tanzania (Zanzibar), Indonesia (Bali), Tunisia, Mexica and Cuba. The company «Ambotis Holidays» is a part of greece holding «Ambotis Group», that suggests a wide spectr of services in different spheres.

Number in federal list of touroperators PTO 014155
e-mail: sales@ambotis.com
website: www.ambotis.ru

Company «UNEX» pays much attention to VIP and premium resorts, offers complex accompaniment on all the stages, the ability of booking individual charters, routes and exclusive options of tours. The priority directions are 30 countries. Touroperator «UNEX» is a member of association «Tour help», a partner of companies «MINAR», «Kerzner», «Emirates», it works with the largest GDS systems of international booking, offers flights from 17 russian cities.

Number of federal list of touroperators PTO 018430
e-mail:  info@unextour.ru
website:  www.unextour.ru